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Detailed Product Description:

Anti Estrogen raw  Muscle Building powder  Oxymetholone  For Losing Weight Bodybuilding 

1.Quick Detail:


Alias: Oxandrin (Australia), Lonavar (Israel), Xtendrol (Mexico), Oxandrin (USA).Anavar ,Oxandrolone 

CAS Registry Number:53-39-4 

EINECS: 200-172-9 

Assay: 99% min.

Grade : Pharmaceutical Grade

Molecular Formula: C19H30O3

Molecular weight: 306.4

MP: 215.3-226.3¡ãC

Packing: foil bag or tin.

Character: White crystalline powder.

Manufacturer :SUPER STEROIDS 

Delivery time :within 18 hours upon receipt of payment 

Delivery: EMS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS

Categories: Miscellaneous; Biochemistry; Steroids (Others) 

Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones.Anavar can be used as pharmaceutical material. Its main function is to Promote metabolism. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation. 

2.Product description:


Product name Oxandrolone  

Other name anavar; lonavar; oxandrin; vasorome

CAS register number 53-39-4

EINECS 200-172-9

Molecular formula C19H30O3

Molecular weight 306.4

Molecular structure

Melting point 215.3-226.3¡ãC

Assay 99%

3. Applications:

 Oxandrolone is widely used due to its exceptionally small level of androgenicity[citation needed] accompanied by moderate anabolic effect. Although oxandrolone is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid, its liver toxicity is very small as well

In the past decades, it was used to treat individuals with a variety of anemias, weight loss in HIV patients and was once tried out as treatment for osteoporosis. Today, some physicians do prescribe Oxandrolone to treat moribund patients gain weight after trauma, burns or serious infections. The drug is also used to offset protein catabolism due to prolonged usage of corticosteroids and for the relief of bone pain caused by osteoporosis.

Oxandrolone is both an anabolic steroid and has all the properties of an androgenic drug. The actions of the Oxandrolone is similar to testosterone. But Anavar is often called a weak testosterone. It has two advantages compared to other steroids. Firstly, it does not converted into estrogen and it does not significantly influence the hypothalamic pituitary tract at low doses. What this means is that because it is not broken down to estrogen, males will not develop breast enlargement Secondly, because it does not affect the hypothual pituitary axis. It dose not affect the suppression of testosterone. This means that the individual taking Anavar will not have such side effects like loss of libido, impotence or testicular atrophy- features that are commonly seen with other anabolic steroids

Among bodybuilders it is most commonly used during cutting phases of training when water retention is a concern. The standard dosage for men is in the range of 20-50mg per day, a level that should produce noticeable results.

It can be further combined with anabolics like Primobolan and Winstrol to elicit a harder, more defined look without added water retention. Such combinations are very popular and can dramatically enhance the show physique. One can also add strong non-aromatizing androgens like Halotestin, Proviron or trenbolone.

Clinically, this drug is used to treat body wasting diseases and bone pains caused by osteoporosis, muscle gains. Anavar is referred to as a mild anabolic androgenic steroid since it exhibits great results with slight side effects.

4.  COA and HPLC:


Description : White or Almost White Crystalline Powder white crystalloid powder

Identification :  Positive Positive

Assay :  97.0~100.5% 98.33%

Specific Rotation :  -18¡ã ~ -24¡ã -22.0¡ã

Loss On Drying :  1.0%max 0.13%

Organic Volatile Impurities :  meets the requirements Conforms

Ordinary Impurities :  2.0%max <2.0%

Residual Solvents :  meets the requirements Conforms

Residue On Ignition :  0.2%max 0.05%

Conclusion The specification conform with USP30 standard


5. Packaging & Delivery Process


(1). Sufficient stock, so we can delivery promptly at the very day when receive the payment

(2). Sophisticated and professional logistic agent. We take responsibility to provide our customers with fast delivery and secure shipping

(3). Well-trained and disciplined packing team. Unique ways to ship 10 grams to 100kg powders at one time to your destination. Fast and discreet shipment could be arranged for customs pass Guaranteed. 

(4). Packing pictures and tacking code are provided within 18 hours after receiving the payment. Updated tracking information will be provided every other day.

(5). After-sale service: Any questions or problems after receiving the product, Please feel free to contact us. Problems would be solved for you immediately.


6.  Competitive advantages:


(1).HeZhong Bio-Chemical Manufacture Co., ltd is a renowned pharmaceutical manufacturer, specializing in raw steroid powders in Mainland China. It is not only   the leading manufacturer of steroids powder and pharmaceutical raw materials in the central area of China but also exports all over the world. All powders are factory directly supplying.

(2).Our products have been exported to Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Spain, UK, France, Russia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and many other countries. Monthly output is over 100kgs. We cherish a great number of loyal customers serving in gym fields, athletes fields , medical institution ,clinics and so on

(3).Top quality products with the most competitive rate .Free samples are available. 

(4).Well disguised packing. Fast and secure delivery. by DHL, TNT, FedEx, HKEMS, UPS, etc. 

(5).Flexible and Untraceable payment terms

(6).Exclusive customer service and 24/7 online timely and helpful After-sale service.

(7).A discount would be given when you make a large order.  



7. Common Information:


Place of Origin: Wuhan China


Certification: USP30

Model Number: 53-39-4


8. Commerce clause:


Minimum order quantity 5g

Price Negotiation

Packaging Details 1kg/aluminium foil bag or as required

Delivery time Within 18 hours upon receipt of  payment

Payment Terms Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T,  PayPal

Supply Ability: 300kg/month

9.Tag : 

Oral steroid cycles,

Anabolic oral steroids

Anti Estrogen 

Anabolic Steroid Hormones

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